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At long last climate change has been recognised as a critical global issue

All the UK Governments, and an increasing number of local authorities, have declared a climate emergency and adopted ambitious carbon reduction targets, as have a growing number of high-profile businesses. Whoever you work for, your stakeholders, shareholders, managers, employees, customers, funders and your family and friends will expect you to take action to help your organisation reduce its carbon impact. Organisations are quickly realising that in order to succeed in a low carbon economy, they have to take action now in order to adapt.

The UK was at the forefront of the global industrial revolution and Wales provided the coal and iron to fuel its growth. Egnida (good energy in Welsh) was born in Wales and conceived with the intent of helping organisations in Wales, and across the UK, to lead the global transformation to a low carbon economy. The Egnida Group has specialist skills in energy, innovative smart systems and mobility, which are the necessary components of a successful shift to a low carbon future. We help private and public sector organisations to survive and thrive during this inevitable and imminent transition.

Our skills, experience and successful track record of independent advice and solution delivery make us your ideal, trusted partner to deliver your ambitions and legacy. Having worked with a wide range of organisations in the UK for over a decade, we know that decarbonisation is easy to agree but difficult to deliver. Traditional approaches are both slow and expensive and budgets are hard to come by. Even day to day activities like choosing a fleet of replacement diesel cars and vans, which once made you look green, now seem like a poor choice that contributes to global warming and local air pollution. Our proven but innovative approaches to developing and delivering a decarbonisation strategy and plan gives our clients a risk managed way forward that delivers value at all stages and is often self-funding.

The strategic and project-delivery capabilities needed for success


Strategic consultancy and low carbon project feasibility that is underpinned by practical experience and industry knowledge to ensure your outcomes can actually be delivered.


Investment appraisal capability to determine the financial impact of your low carbon initiatives and to introduce tailored investment to enable low carbon projects where needed.


Experience of real world delivery, including securing substantial innovation project grant-funding to de-risk your innovative low carbon “pilot test” projects.


Energy and fleet management experience, including independent energy and vehicle procurement capability, ensures a non-conflicting smooth transition to low carbon solutions.

Install & Operations

Asset installation, operation and trouble shooting capability to ensure both your existing and proposed new low carbon assets work efficiently and effectively.

“egnida's knowledge and experience and innovative approaches very quickly helped us understand the key drivers behind all of our carbon impacts. They worked with the St Modwen team to set challenging and realistic carbon reduction targets and put in place supporting carbon management and reporting processes. egnida also identified numerous carbon reduction initiatives that significantly reduced our carbon impact and increased our profitability. Finally, egnida took a hands-on role in engaging all of our employees in the carbon agenda at our flagship World Of St Modwen event. I would have no hesitation recommending egnida to any organisation that is genuinely seeking to become carbon neutral as the right thing to do both for its existing stakeholders and for future generations.”

Mark Allan
Chief Executive
St. Modwen plc

“FSEW's ambition is to become the leading low carbon freight forwarding business in the UK but our biggest challenge is HGV transport. We soon discovered that there is no one-size-fits-all solution and so an in-depth knowledge of all the low carbon HGV options is needed to make successful and profitable choices. Fortunately, egnida’s unrivalled knowledge and experience meant they could offer us a complete end to end service from journey analysis right through to choosing suitable vehicles, arranging fuelling options and providing ongoing operational support. I would have no hesitation recommending egnida to any organisation wanting to cost effectively reduce the carbon and airborne emissions of their HGV transport.”

Geoff Tomlinson
Managing Director

“We are delighted that Egnida has given us the opportunity to achieve carbon reduction in our authority and would have no hesitation in recommending them to other public sector organisations. We've managed to create a source of income and in the process have the satisfaction that we are doing our bit for the low carbon economy.”

“Overall the authority is very pleased with the work completed by Egnida and hope to continue the partnership into the future on other low carbon projects.”

James Edwards
Energy Manager
Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council

"We know that the DAF CF and DAF LF electric trucks are game changers in the market for zero emissions haulage but the challenge we have is that our potential customers struggle to fully understand this because they tend to look for direct diesel replacements. This approach misses the opportunity for more profitable options for customers where they organise their operations to exploit the electric truck capabilities rather than trying to make them work like diesels. This is where Egnida Group come in. Egnida are decarbonisation specialists who work with customers and supply chains to help them decarbonise profitably, including the haulage aspects. The DAF Trucks team have worked collaboratively with Egnida and our customers to develop bespoke solutions that work on a practical level. We have been really impressed with Egnida's capability and innovative approaches, including their in-depth knowledge of our trucks, which has resulted in the first UK orders for our DAF CF Electric trucks and a delighted customer. I would thoroughly recommend Egnida to any company trying to reduce their haulage related carbon and airborne emissions."

Russell Patmore
Truck Sales Director
DAF Trucks UK

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