Pokemon Go has already promoted our business


For those that don’t know, Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game played on smartphones that can now be played in the UK. Simplistically, you walk around with your phone and Pokemon characters appear on your screen next to the relevant view. Water Pokemon by water and electric Pokemon by electricity substations for example. It has been reported people have been taking time off “on the sick” to play the game and in extreme cases putting themselves in danger resulting in injuries etc.

Our core business at Egnida is to install and maintain roof based solar PV installations fpokemonor customers and pension funds. We are highly experienced at this and generally achieve around 5%-10% more output than predicted. However, this additional output seems to be attracting hordes of electric type Pokemon, particularly the now famous Pikachu (see the picture below of one of our installations), together with many Pokemon hunters playing the game.

Are you getting the same problem with your solar PV installations? If not, then perhaps you are not monitoring and maintaining them well enough. If you are lacking Pikachu and not sure why then click here to see what we can offer or just contact us for a free no obligation health check.


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