PassivHaus for United Welsh Housing Association


Development of a low carbon home, taking advantage of renewable technology and energy management solutions.


United Welsh Housing Association


To create an example of a fully energy neutral house that meets the official German ‘PassivHaus / Code 6’. This was a new build pilot project to prove the various technologies and processes which will signal the future of sustainable energy use in house-building.


We worked with the client to understand the PassivHaus standard and devise a working solution that can be applied to ongoing renewable housing developments. egnida identified that the optimal solution to help deliver a zero-carbon home, was a 4.52kW solar PV installation, couple with a 4m² solar thermal system. The two technologies offered the homeowner free, low-carbon electricity and hot water, reducing the carbon impact the home would have on the environment.  We also installed a full mechanical ventilation and heat recovery system with pre and post ducting heaters.

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