solar PV, solar thermal & ground source heat pump installation for Alan


Domestic home retro-fit project using multiple technologies.




Alan approached us for a solar thermal system following some investigation he undertook of the market place. After a site visit and consultation, we agreed on a specification and continued with the installation.

Six months later Alan decided he wanted to explore the possibility of a ground source heat pump because he was off the gas main. He was paying large amounts for oil and this was continuing to rise. He had investigated his options and again we were able to assist him with the design and installation of the system.


Following the successful installation of the solar thermal and ground source heat pump technologies, Alan was so pleased with results that he asked us to supply a 2.5kW solar PV system for his home. egnida efficiently designed, installed and commissioned the solar PV system, providing┬áthe final piece of the puzzle for Alan’s low-carbon home.

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