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we take a long term view to insulate your bottom line

Energy costs have become increasingly more significant to many businesses, regardless of size or sector, and because energy is now a global commodity, the price can fluctuate wildly. The combined impact of this can create unwanted pressure on the bottom line of businesses, uncertainty in the budgeting, forecasting and planning processes and unnecessary stress for those involved in procuring energy for your business.

Egnida has the expertise and the tried and tested methodology and solutions to help you take control of your energy costs and future proof your financial performance in this regard; whether it’s by validating your bills, ensuring you place the right energy contracts at the right time, becoming more energy efficient or by generating your own energy.

We also recognise that some of our solutions may not fit your own investment criteria in terms of pay-back, risk profile etc, and in these circumstances we have access to our own specialist funding stream and are prepared to take the longer term view so you don’t have to but still leave you with a share of the benefits and 100% of the (carbon) credits. Furthermore all our funded solutions have an environmental orientation and have been designed to fly through procurement (if you are regulated) and to stay off your balance sheet (from a financial reporting perspective) so you only need to shout about it if you want to or if your brand manager insists!

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