"egnida’s resilience against such a tight schedule was impressive and the end result is a legacy that will benefit the residents for the next 20 years or more." Michael Jenkins - Principal Sustainable Development Officer at Bridgend County Borough Council

enabling you to maintain and enhance your public service offering

These are challenging times for you as central government continues to focus on curbing public sector spending as the prime mechanism to reduce the UKs budget deficit. This in turn generally translates to reduced spending in real terms for yourselves without any compensating reduction in the scope of services expected to be provided or relaxation of targets against which you are measured against in the provision of those services.

We have worked very closely with the public sector over the last 5 years to understand how your organisations are structured and operate, what challenges you face and the potential barriers that prevent implementation of conventional solutions, such as procurement, access to capital, risk appetite and for some public sector organisations an inefficient VAT position. This insight has allowed us to develop a number of

innovative solutions specifically for public sector organisations such as yourselves which will allow you to better utilise your asset base to release capital, generate savings and secure long term index linked income streams, all of which can be used to help you maintain and enhance your public service offering, with us providing the funding and absorbing any risks. Furthermore, because our solutions do not trigger a full scale procurement process and are VAT efficient, they can be implemented quickly, cost effectively and at scale using local supply chains where possible to make a real and lasting difference to your organisation and the people and businesses you serve. Finally, as all our solutions are environmentally orientated you will be guaranteed to boost your green credentials, showing real, demonstrable and measureable leadership amongst your peers in this important area.

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