"It was great to work with a knowledgeable team and we are delighted that we chose a local Welsh based SME for this project.” Rod Keeble - Consultant at NPT Homes

helping you take more of your tenants out of fuel poverty permanently

Fuel poverty affects around one in five households in the UK and within certain lower income demographics fuel poverty is even more prevalent. As a social housing provider you have both a moral and legislative responsibility to tackle this issue for your tenants which is not an insignificant commitment in terms of both time and resources. Limited budgets, uncooperative mortgage providers, an inefficient VAT position, shrinking incentives and onerous procurement rules can further compound the problem potentially making it much harder to implement large scale fuel poverty solutions on your housing stock.

Egnida have considerable experience of working with social housing providers and liaising with their tenants. We understand the challenges you face and have

developed a suite of relevant solutions to help you tackle fuel poverty for your tenants. Our innovative solutions are long term, risk free and significantly boost the SAP ratings on your housing stock; and as they are VAT efficient and because we can introduce our own specialist funding into the equation, we can stretch any existing budget by up to 4 times to take more and more of your tenants out of fuel poverty. Furthermore, because our solutions do not trigger a full scale procurement process and do not require mortgage providers consent, they can be implemented quickly, cost effectively and at scale utilising local supply chains and potentially your own DLO, to make a huge dent in fuel poverty, help with housing quality standards compliance, reduce rent arrears and improve your green credentials.

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