Sean Davey is speaking at CHC’s One Big Housing Conference

Fuel Poverty in social housing & how renewable innovation can help

Egnida are a big supporter of creating equality and reducing fuel poverty within social housing across the United Kingdom. In support of this cause Sean Davey, Egnida’s Energy Advisor will be speaking at this year’s CHC One Big Housing Conference in Llandrindod Wells. The session will be looking at how fuel poverty can be combated in today’s climate within social housing and what place renewable innovation has in the mix.

Many social housing tenants struggle to keep up with rising energy costs while household income remains stagnant and at best has only seen a 2-3% inflation year on year. The result of high energy prices has left many tenants unable to heat their home through the coldest months of the year, increasing the risk of illness and poor living standards. Fuel poverty particularly effects young and elderly tenants, who are most at risk of falling ill while living in cold, damp conditions.

Egnida have developed a number of unique funded solutions that can help reduce the inequality gap within social housing portfolios, tackling the problems head on and delivering tangible benefits to local communities. This has been made possible through offering social housing providers a unique renewable funded scheme, which allows them to part invest in each solar PV installation and spread their budgets further. This, coupled with our unique buy back offering for existing PV installations, makes it possible for social housing providers to increase their renewable investment for tenants by up to 400%. Helping to maximise the energy savings for tenants and in turn improve their living standards.

If you would like to get more information about Egnida’s unique funding solutions helping to tackle fuel poverty in the UK, come and join us at this year’s CHC One Big Housing Conference in Llandrindod Wells. Click here to download the event schedule. If you would like to arrange a meeting with Sean at the event, please call 07495136212.


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